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Getech Equipments International Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm that manufacture and export Drilling Rigs for water, Core drilling, Mining & Piling with all Spares. Products are known for excellent performance and durability.

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Core Cum DTH Drill Rig

Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig (Water Well)

Hydraulic Wagon Drill

In Well Rig

Auger Drill Rig

Drilling Rigs

Soil Investigation Drilling Rig

DTH Cum Rotary Water Well Drilling Rig

Water Well Drill Rig DTHR 400

Bore Well Machine Drill Rig (DTH-400)

Water Well Drill Rig (DTH-400)

Water Well Drlling Rig (DTHR-600)

Truck Mounted DTHR Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling Rigs

Wagon Drill Rig

Auger with SPT Drilling

Pole Hole Rig

Drilling Rig

DTH Water Well Drilling Rig

Piling Rig

Tractor Mounted Pilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Rig

Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Core Drilling Rig

Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Reverse Circulation Rotary Drilling Rig

Reverse Circulation Rig

Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Pile Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Core Drilling & Multi Purpose Drilling Rig

Core Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Power Auger Rig

Core Drilling Skid Mounted

Water Well Drill Rig

DTH Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rig

Crawler Mounted Core Drilling And Multi Purpose Drilling Rig

Heavy Duty Water Well Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Drill Rig

Tractor Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

Hydraulic Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig

Mining Wagon Drilling Rigs

Hydraulic Wagon Drilling Rig

Wagon Drilling Rig

Soil Investigation Drilling Rigs

Skid Mounted Heavy Duty Core Drilling Rig

Getech Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Auger Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Auger Drilling Rig

Pilling Rig

Pole Hole Drilling Rig

Core Drilling Tractor Mounted Rig

Getech Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

2015 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig / Rock Drilling Machine

Truck/ Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs

Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig / Trailer Mounted Wagon

Well Welcomed Tractor Mounted Core Drilling Rig Made In Gete

Rock Killer Bore Hole Water Well Core Drill Rig

Durable Stylish Core Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig with Getech

Top Drive Head Portable Water Well Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Portable Water Well Drilling Rig

Tractor Mounted Bore Hole Rotary Drilling Rig

CDTH-30 Crawler Mounted Air Drilling Rig & Mud Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Ground Hole Drilling Machine

Truck Mounted Hydraulic Rotary Pile Drilling Rig

Economics Hydraulic Digging Drill Rig for Pole Hole Drilling

Multi Purpose Drilling Rig, Down The Hole, 450m Deep

DTHR 450 Water Well Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Boring Machine, Digging Hole Machine Earth

Line Down The Hole Drilling Equipment, DTHR450 All-Hydraulic

DTHR 450 Drilling Rigs

Portable Water Well Auger Drilling Rig with Low Price

Getech Integrated Portable Auger Drilling Rig with Air Compr

Skid Mounted Soil Investigation Rig

2015 Hydraulic Auger Drill

New Type Portable Rock Core Drilling Auger Rigs

DTH Rock Auger Drilling Rig

High Quality Auger Drill Rigs

Auger Filling Machine High Quality Piling Rig

Auger Cum Rotary Method Soil Investigation Drilling Rig

300m Skid Mounted Rotary Drilling Rig

Core, DTH, Mud Rotary Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs

Drilling Rig 1000F Portable Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Borehole Skid Mounted Mine Drilling Rig Hydraulic Rigs

Popular Professional Conventional Skid Mounted Drilling Rigs

Skid Mounted Drilling Rig , 4.5 Meter, 6.0 M, Dept

Skid- Mounted Drilling Rig

High Efficient Skid- Mounted Drilling Rig from Getech India

Skid Mounted Rig, Hydraulic Model Drilling Rig Equipment

Drilling Rig Skid Mounted Drilling Rig for Oil & Gas Well

150m Deep Diamond Core Drilling Rig for Soil Investigation

Drilling Machine for Soil Investigation Core Drilling Rig

Truck Mounted Soil Investigation Water Well Core rigs

150m Soil Investigation Truck Mounted Water Well Drill Rigs

10 Feet Soil Investigation Drill Rig

2015 Soil Investigation Drilling Rig for 150 M

Soil Investigation Drilling Rig/ Water Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Soil Investigation Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Wagon Drill Rig for Basalt Drilling

Rock Blasting Portable Wagon Drilling Rig

Hydraumatic Wagon Drilling Rig

Indian Wagon Drill Rig for Blasting Stone

Hydraulic Drilling Rig/ Rotary Crawler Drill Wagon

Hydraulic Drilling Rig Mine Wagon

Top Level Wagon Water Well Drill Rig

Hydraulic Deep Rock Wagon Drill

Hydraulic Wagon Drill Mining Crawler Drilling Rig

Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig

Core Sample and Water Wells Drilling Rigs

Truck Mounted Water Well Rig (Rod Handling 4.5m, 6m)

Crawler Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Multi-function Geothermal Water Well Drilling Machine

Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs for Core Drilling Rig

Borehole Drilling Machine

600 M Borehole Diesel Engine Water Well Drilling Rig Machine

Drilling Rig 16 Feet Reverse Circulation (RC)

Drilling Rig 16feet Reverse Circulation (RC)

Truck mounted Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

2015 Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig for Water Well And Oil

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig for Investigation

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig for Water Well

Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig/ Drilling Mach

TBW150 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig with Lowest Price

TRD 20 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Low Price Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Getech Tractor Mounted Rig

DTHR 300 Water Well Drilling Rig

Reverse Rotary Drilling Rig

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Diamond Drag Bit

Drag Bit with Oil Drilling Equipment for Oil Field Drilling

Oil Well Drilling Tubing And Casing Pipe

High Quality Petroleum Well Casing Pipe

RQ HD WJ Wire Line Core Drill Rod / Drill Pipe

Top Quality Drilling Rod/ Triple Tube Core Barrel

RQ HD WJ Geological Core Drill Rod / Drill Pipe

Cluster Hammer (Reverse Circulation Tornado)

Tractor Water Well Drilling Rig/ Trailer Mounted

Cluster Hammers

Friction Welded Drill Pipe

Drilling Pipes

DTH Borewell Hammer Bits

Drilling Rig Drilling Rod Pipe

Drill Pipe Drill Rod

Drill Rod - API & DTH Drilling Rig use for DTH Hammer

Water Well Drill Pipe/ Drill Pipe / Drill Rod

GETECH Drill Collar

Drilling Equipment - Oil Field Drill Collar

Getech Oil Well Drilling Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

Reamer Bit for Drill Well

Water Well Casing Pipe, Water Well Pipe, Water Well PVC Pipe

C80 Oil Casing Pipe (Made In Getech)

Getech Steel Cluster Hammers

Getech Cluster Hammer

Casing Pipes

Drilling Rods

DTH Drill Hammers

DTH Hammer & Button Bits

Drill Drill Pipes

Tricone Roller Rock Bit

Well Water Drilling Rig

Reasonable Price Casing Pipe for Drilling

Oil Well Drilling Indian Tubing And Casing Pipe

Standard Wire Line RQ Core Drilling Rods

DTH Button Bits

Tools And Accessories - DTH Hammer

Rock Drilling Tools - DTH Hammers

Rock Roller Bits

Water Well Drill Rod

High- Efficiency Wireline Drill Pipe/ Drill Rod

TCI Tricone Bit

Rock Bit Roller Bit Tricone with With High Quality

Tricone/ Roller Rock Bits for Mining and Water well drilling

Drill Collar for Well Drilling

High Quality Fixed Diameter Hole Opener/ Rock Reamer

Super Quality PDC Drag Bit

Oil Drilling Tools Lifting Subs

Crossover Sub for Oil Drilling

Zinc Pipes, Price Casing Pipe Drilling

Conversion Subs

Tricone Bits

Getech Drill Rods

GETECH Tricone Bit

Tci Tricone Roller Rock Drill Bits Tricone Bit for Oilfields

Hole Opener with Pilot Bit for Drilling

Hole Opener for DTH Hammer

High quality GETECH PDC Drag Drill Bits

GETECH Top quality ISO Certified Drilling Rigs

Oil Drilling Tools Drill String Stabilizer

Wireline Core Drill Rod And Casing

Core Drilling RQ HD WJ Core Drill Rod

High Quality Cluster Hammers

Hole Openers (Reamer)

Rock Drilling Tools And Mining Equipment DTH Hammer

Pilling Hammers

Drilling Hammers

Down The Hole Hammer

DTH Button Bits And Hammers

Mining Drill Rod

Roller Cone Bit/ Rock Drill Bit/ Tricone

Drill Collar

DTH Hole Opener, Enlarge Hole Drill Bit

Getech Wireline Core Drill Rod for Borehole Equ

High Quality Core Drill Rod

Core Drill Rod

Hippo Cluster Hammer

Water Well Hammers

DTH Hammer & Bit

H Down Hole Hammers

Tricone Bit

High Quality API Drill Pipe / Drill Rods

New Type Tricone Bits/ Rock Roller Drill Bits for Well Drill

High Quality Rock Roller Bit

Oil And Gas Drilling Spare Part

Getech Drill Pipe, Drill Collar

Hole Opener, Assembly Bits, Pilot Bit

Drilling Drag Bit, Rock Drill Button Bit

Three Blades PDC Drag Drill Bit for Water Well Drilling

Higher Speed And Abrasion Footage Drilling Drag Bit

Crossover Sub

Oil Rig, Drilling Rig, Equipment Stabilizer

Best Drill Rig Stabilizer

Stabilizers, Drilling Tools

Button Bits Button Bits

DTH Hammers, DTH Button Bits And Spares

Roller Cone Milled Tooth Drill Bit

Oil Drilling Materials - Drill Collars

Drill Collar/ Pipe

Drag Drilling Bit

Button Bits

3 Wings PDC Drag Bit

Casing Steel Pipe / Tubing Casing/ Oil Casing Pipe

Oil Well Casing Pipe/ Tube

Oil Well Casing Pipe (High Quality Made In India)

GETECH Water Well Drill Rod/ Drill Pipe

Line Pipes, Casing/Tubings, Drill Pipes

Line Pipes, Casing/Tubing, Drill Pipes

Friction Welding Hardened Drill Pipe

Friction Welded Drill Rod

Drill Pipes & Heavy Weight Drill Pipes

Drill Pipes (Drilling Accessories)

Cluster Hammer

Friction Welded Drill Pipes

Conversion Subs Drill

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Welcome to Getech Equipments International Private Limited

We at GETECH always update ourselves with the latest technology. Our aim itself is to use the most modern technology for the well being of the society. When we adopt a new technology, we are very particular that all our customers should be informed about it. And we strongly believe in updating the customers with the latest developments in the industry. Our new website is meant for that.

Mining is no more a search and destroy game. Modern equipments and tools made it an eco friendly act to exploit the vast treasure hidden in depths.

When we go high, we should establish our roots well deep inside the earth. New generation piling equipments and tools help you to have a highly precise piling which will provide a robust base for your skyscrapers.

At a time when the ground water level goes lower, the modern technology helps you to go even deeper with an ease and thus provides a perfect answer for water scarcity.

It is all possible only when you use the right technology at the right place. A short journey through our website gives you a clear idea about various machineries, their working methods and advantages. We have tried our level best to make available all the technical details of each equipment and tool. In case of any further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Team GETECH once again invite you for a wonderful journey through our website which will introduce you the latest technology and many more.

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